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Thank you for your interest in becoming a certified Dealer. For the past 50 years, cedar has been harvested at a much earlier age, resulting in a less durable shake that can no longer last without protection. Cedar shake roofs, an expensive investment by the homeowner, can show weather damage such as warping, splitting, mildew and algae. To keep today’s shakes beautiful and long-lasting, they must be preserved.

CedarRenew is a superior product backed with the knowledge obtained from years of experience in the industry. It simplifies the process by offering a safe, reliable and easy to use product, including step-by-step instructions, along with technical support when needed.

CedarRenew offers qualified companies, trained in its application, the opportunity to add this superior treatment program to the services they provide their roofing customers.


Consistency of service is of the utmost importance when providing this preservation product and ultimately delivering the best possible service to your customers again and again. CedarRenew has made wood maintenance and preservation feasible for any roofing company as well as anyone that would like to begin treating roofs in their area and/or add to their existing services.

There is no other company in the roofing industry that offers such a comprehensive program.

All CedarRenew preservation products are the most unique and state-of-the-art in the cedar shake roof industry. They are backed and developed by industry specialists with more than 20 years of cedar shake roofing experience.


CedarRenew preservative possesses all of the properties necessary to prolong the life of cedar shake roofs for many years. Our Dealers confidently use this product.

Here's what you can expect from the Certified CedarRenew Dealer Program :


To ensure our Dealers serve all CedarRenew™ customers with the same level of consistency and expertise, we have developed a comprehensive training program which certifies each Dealer in the handling and application of this state-of-the-art preservative.

*Companies that already possess the knowledge, expertise, and equipment can simply answer an informal questionnaire, eliminating parts of the program certification that would otherwise be prerequisites.

Dealer Training is provided on-site by wood preservation specialists who have not only developed the program, but use CedarRenew products for their own customers. They will take you through all of the steps of wood preservation such as cleaning, repairing, and spraying.

Dealer Training is sponsored by CedarRenew so there currently is no charge for this service!


Once certification and training are completed, CedarRenew will provide it's technical support staff to assist in any other areas of preservation from start to finish.


As part of our preparation process, it is important for us to know as much about you and your business as possible to expedite the Dealer certification process, however, there are no requirements. To become a certified CedarRenew user in your area, please provide your information on the form below. We will contact you with confirmation or any additional questions within a few days.

Thank you.

Download Credit Application here.

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