Hiring The Right Applicator


Knowing who is doing the work on your home is just as important as what you put on it.

We take great pride in our product line, knowing it will perform to the high standards we have worked to achieve, but anyone applying this product should have knowledge of wood roofing and instruction on application. This is why CedarRenew offers technical support and training to all of our applicators. We will also offer technical support to any roofer that wants to apply our products to their customers homes, and they can also become a dealer in their area. This is key in creating the consistency of work done for anyone wanting to preserve their wood roof.

When hiring a contractor, please keep these factors in mind:

  • Hire someone with wood roof experience. All roofers have their expertise in the many different applications available, so try to find someone with wood roofing knowledge.
  • Hire someone that has a quality reputation and references.
  • Make sure they can provide insurance information.
  • Subscribe to the principals of your Better Business Bureau.