“Greenability” Factor

The CedarRenew product line has your roof as well as the environment in mind. The products we've developed will enhance the beauty and extend your cedar roofs life for many additional years, which in itself can help us save trees. In addition, all of the CedarRenew products are environmentally safe, made without pesticides and aren't petroleum based products.
Petroleum based products are great wood preservatives and have been around for a long time. CedarRenew products are a newer, more advanced method of protecting the wood, keeping the greenability factor in mind. The products are safer to use, safer to apply and will not harm your landscaping. There aren't any residual strong odors.  Just a clean green product that protects your roof.
Why would someone use a product that has petroleum based chemicals in them?
In the past, these products were the only ones available and have always been a necessity. Wood preserving is not a new industry and goes back over 175 years. They didn't have access to the technology that we have now, so the CedarRenew line is the most innovative product in wood technology.

Why Choose Green? 

Click here to learn about other preservatives and their environmental impact, etc.
The new advanced wood products will protect your roof without the harsh chemicals. With a built in U.V. inhibitor, the suns damaging effects are significantly reduced, the sun being the worst enemy of your wood roof. It also has a superior water repellency which is so advanced, the water will actually bead and run off, preventing the damaging effects of excessive moisture. To add further protection, we built in a surface mildewcide which inhibits the growth of fungi and lichen on the surface of the shakes. Once you've eliminated these deteriorating factors, your roof has the protection it needs to withstand the elements.
You can feel good about our products and know that you've protected your roof with a clean, green solution. For more information on wood protectants and preservation chemicals, go to our section on wood preservatives and their environmental impact where you will find definitions for words used in the chemical industry and how each product effects the enviroment, including its current status. (pesticide, hazardous waste, etc.)

What We Do To Stay Green

CedarRenew is dedicated to our green policy and we are always looking for new ways to encourage and inform others on how to reduce their carbon footprints. Our company is currently implementing a plan to insure the plastics we use are kept from landfills and recycled.