About Us

CedarRenew® was developed to provide not just superior products, but a system of wood protection that finally meets the demands of  this very niche industry. This has been achieved by providing a complete line of products,  tested and developed by the applicators themselves, answering the demands of their customers and creating a beautiful and consistent job done everytime. We further insure this consistency by providing training and technical support to the applicators so that whether they have been treating for many years or are new to the industry, they have the ability to create the same results everyone comes to expect when hiring a CedarRenew applicator.
Cedar is an expensive roofing application and has gone up considerably in price in just the last few years. Less than 100 years ago and used very readily, it has now become a status and luxury roofing application, accounting for as little as 3 percent or less of all roofing products used today.

A Product You Can Count On

We are passionate about what we do and want everyone to be able to enjoy their wood roofs for years and years to come. With proper maintenance and care, this can be achieved and save you the homeowner, money and a no hassle solution for maintaining your roofs beauty.
CedarRenew was developed in response to the growing need of providing homeowners with a reliable and lasting wood maintainance solution for their cedar shake roofs. In addition, CedarRenew certifies its applicators to provide the same level of quality and consistency regardless of your location or environment.
This beautifully tinted, water-repellent protectant resists U/V rays and retards moss and algae growth for years, while being 100% environmentally friendly. Cedar shake roof customers appreciate the beauty of their roofs and have responded to CedarRenew's ability to protect that beauty and their investment.
CedarRenew is not available in local hardware stores. In order to be consistent and offer the same quality work  to every customer, our products are sold to the applicators who are certified in wood maintenance and have gone through our training program . If there isn't an applicator in your area, we would still recommend hiring someone that has  knowledge or backround in cedar roofs. We will work with them to get you the maintenance you need in the professional manner necessary to maintain and protect your roof.