Certifying and Training Our Dealers


If  your roof is installed by  someone  who  has wood roof experience, they may give you advice about how to care for your roof, but not necessarily know how to or even when to treat your roof.
A great product line can't have success unless the people using it have the proper knowledge to consistently turn out desirable end results. Just selling the CedarRenew products isn't the answer to helping others become established in this very niche industry. This is what sets our users apart from any other product out there and why CedarRenew offers a certification program.     
The CedarRenew certification program is offered to anyone who wants to become a certified applicator. It goes over every aspect of wood preservation from repairs to proper cleaning procedures and correct application. This insures a quality job with the same consistency of work done from any company using these proven methods. 
The knowledge of wood preservation comes from our network of specialists, some of whom have been treating roofs for as many as 30 years.  When you go with a CedarRenew applicator that is certified, you know you've hired someone who has taken the time to know and understand your wood roofing needs.